How to Wash and Sterilize Feeding Bottles

How to Wash and Sterilize Feeding Bottles

Cleaning and sterilising feeding bottles is very important for your baby’s health.

From birth until weaning, your baby’s hygiene is fundamental, especially when feeding through artificial means. While breastfeeding ensures the highest level of safety in terms of hygiene, bottle feeding, instead, requires the utmost attention to the cleanliness of all the different components.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

  • Every time you finish feeding, open the bottle and wash the bottle and all its parts with natural soap under running water. For easy washing, we recommend using a feeding bottle with removable bottom to thoroughly remove any residual milk.
  • Place all components inside a hot sterilizer or in a cold solution.
  • Carry out the cycle as indicated in the user instructions.
  • When using it, wash your hands well and remove the feeding bottle and all its components from the sterilizer, avoiding to touch the tip of the teat with your hands and place it directly on the kitchen top.

Sterilization Methods

Sterilisation can be either hot or cold. The hot method uses boiling water, heated and vaporised through an electric coil or microwave system. The time needed for sterilisation varies from around 5–15 minutes for electric models to a few minutes for microwave ones. They are similar to the classic method of boiling water in a pot but they are much faster and more practical, especially when you need to do the procedure frequently and for many feeding bottles and products (breast pump, jars, soothers). Cold sterilising instead involves using liquid or tablet disinfectants deliberately designed to be safe and tolerated well by the baby. This method requires more time.

Up to when is it necessary?

During the first six months of life age the child's immune system is not yet fully developed, so it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to all the objects that your baby comes into contact with. In the 0-6 month period, paediatricians recommend sterilising everything: feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, accessories and toys. After six months of age, you can gradually reduce the frequency.



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