Product Features

The Chicco Easy Meal 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Blender is your one-stop shop for creating healthy and delicious homemade meals for your little one. Featuring a unique Switch System for effortless cooking and blending, it lets you check ingredient temperature, flip them, and achieve a smooth consistency – all in one go! Fast and even steaming, thanks to the basket design, preserves nutrients and flavor. Powerful stainless steel blades and baffles ensure perfect blending, while the multi-portion capacity (550ml basket, 1000ml bowl) allows you to prepare multiple servings. Skip store-bought options and create nutritious meals your baby will love.

- Innovative Switch System for easy cooking and blending
- Fast and even steam distribution for optimal cooking
- Powerful stainless steel blades and baffles for perfect consistency
- Multi-portion capacity: 550ml cooking basket & 1000ml bowl
- BPA-free for safe food preparation

Why choose Chicco Easy Meal 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker:
- Effortlessly prepare healthy and delicious baby food
- Preserves nutrients and flavors for a wholesome meal
- Achieves smooth consistency for easy eating
- Makes meal prepping and feeding multiple children a breeze
- Ensures safety with BPA-free materials

How to Use:
1) Choose your desired function: Steaming, blending, or both.
2) Cut ingredients and place them in the basket.
3) Fill the reservoir with water based on instructions. For blending, use the Switch System to flip ingredients and achieve the desired consistency.
4) Once finished, serve the food or store it in an appropriate container.